WHITE ROOM is a group of three creators/artists, active in the field of motion picture from 2005 until the present day. Our key areas of activity are connected to image creation, idea and script conception, direction, photography, art direction, animation, post production and servicing of foreign productions. Our ideas have been successfully integrated into diverse areas such as advertisements, television shows, documentaries, viral videos, music video clips, feature films as well as the creation of album cover photography and corporate videos.

White Room initially started out with the idea of creating a space which would encourage expression, creative freedom and cooperation. We wanted to bring together Man's innate need to be productive with his desire for professional establishment; to entertain the notion that one could work out of desire and not obligation. Our collaborations have only served to expand and enrich our capabilities. The creative playing field that has resulted, has given us the opportunity to learn and express a great many things. In the words of Milan Kundera "A person who makes his ideas public does risk persuading others of his viewpoint, influencing them, and thus winding up in the role of those who aspire to change the world.